Wednesday, January 09, 2008

in transition

it is nearing midnight here and outside the window an owl is hooting.
i just walked away from watching a program that was so disturbing it made me want to cry. i've been reading these parenting books and what i like about both books is that they promote the notion of parents learning how to behave. watching the frontline program really made me aware of how it is the adults and their behavior that turn children into what they diagnose as being psychotic. it is really a crazily unhealthy society here for young ones. for everyone, actually.
we are still in between here and there. here being my parents' house and there being our apartment where our poor kitty is undoubtedly lonesome. jason and i have a big day of moving tomorrow. today was supposed to be dedicated to the task but we took the afternoon off to take the kids over to the park and then i spent the evening playing extreme hide and seek with sebastian. we also did a lot of racing up and down the driveway which wore me out way before it did him.
already a sense of relief is descending, making us feel that our decision is indeed the positive one that we need. the next few weeks will be all about shifting and reorganizing, about finding the right paths. i look forward to starting a little garden in the yard and of investigating the local parents' co-op preschool as well as contacting the island montessori school to see if they need any volunteers.
oh, and how interesting that this should be taking place in nara.
i'll probably be wrapped up in the moving affairs for a bit. i hope you are well. take care.

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Anonymous said...

hello tiffany
i hope all is going well with the move/transition. those can be tough.
i wanted to let you know i'm sharing the excellent blog award with you so if you have a chance come by my blog and have a look.
take care