Friday, January 04, 2008


our home is not just our apartment with its gleaming pine floors and wrought iron balcony. it is not just the perfect warm afternoon light that makes even the flaws look appealing. it goes beyond our walls. it is the way our neighbor's laugh carries from the top floor. it is the sidewalk that leads to parks for picnics, for letting the boys get their last ya-yas out under the stars, for taking our old bread to feed the ducks and geese. it is our neighborhood grocery store where they know the boys' names, where the girl who works in the deli always comments on how she remembers when i was pregnant with nico, amazed at the flight of time.
i am not unreasonably sentimental tonight. you see, next week we will pack our bags and go back to my hometown in an effort to collect the funds necessary to move some place unknown but equally temporary. we knew our current situation was limited. we have a few more stops before we can truly settle down and grow our roots. we just didn't realize this would happen so soon. in the end, i know it is for the best but tonight, i feel sad as i detach from the place that has been our home for a year and a half.


momo said...

So you are moving.
It always looked nice and cozy where you live. I am sure you will find some things that you love in hometown too.
Good luck with the move.

kayla_d said...

Just look at those last beach photos (from Fernandina, right?)--what a gorgeous place to be headed! I know you'll miss your current home, though.

I have such a similar spider photo that I deleted from my last blog post at the last minute. Crazy.

amisha said...

dear tiffany, i am thinking about you during this transition. i know that ache... remember that this is one step on a path, and good things are on the horizon. **hugs**
ps thank you for the lovely new year's card! please send me your new address too :)