Saturday, November 17, 2007

what a week. at the beginning i was a bona fide full-time employee and today i am sitting here watching our new black cat bat a piece a paper around, eating soup while nico naps. it's not that i don't like work, i do, but what i don't like is working a job that is absolutely unsatisfying for very little pay. my tolerance for working in the corporate world is minimal and that is only when the benefit is a decent paycheck. i really value my time and spending up to 13 hours a day away from the boys without due compensation was painful. so now back to the drawing boards. what next? who knows but i have begun applying for jobs in the social work field. i like helping people and i like jobs that keep me on my toes. so we'll see. jason's joining the job hunt too so hopefully something will crop up soon. i am feeling positive about it.
also, i finally applied for the teaching position in kyoto yesterday. odds of getting an interview are probably about 1 to 350,000 but i am willing to gamble.
today is rather quiet as jason is at work and sebastian went to my parents' for a sleepover. it gives me some time to be home and calmly organize and consider what possibilities lie ahead. we are open for anything at this point and ready to dive in.
hope everyone has had a lovely week.

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melissa said...

wow- what a week you've had! good on you for ditching your job- working is one thing, but not being paid properly is another entirely! the right thing will come up for you soon, i know it will. thinking of you. x