Saturday, November 24, 2007

a space for making

i finally finished cleaning out the pantry so i could convert it to a making space. it is small and the light is shabby but it is so liberating to have a place to create again. when i was working during the day, it broke my heart to see our sewing/drawing/printmaking materials shoved into the closet. now they have some room to breathe.

immediately i started on a little project.

tomorrow is nico's little birthday party. we are having it in the morning because jason works in the afternoon. so today sebastian and i are making muffins and gingerbread cookies in preparation for tomorrow's brunch. i also have a polar bear hat and softy to put together for mr. 1's birthday gift. sebastian has picked out some material and is going to help me make a soft ball for his brother.
the only downside to this new space is that it is rather distracting. it opens my mind to a flood of ideas yet unfortunately i am experiencing a drought of time these days. luckily i have adopted the practice of keeping paper and pen within reach so i can jot down the ideas and free up some space in my head for focusing on what is at hand.
thanks for nico's birthday wishes. it is hard to believe how quickly this past year went. it has also been a year since i began blogging here so i just wanted to thank you for keeping up with us. i have really appreciated having this space for connecting with old and new friends alike.



stefanie-kai said...

Oh, your little artistic space/studio is lovely! I see lots of white wall space in there just waiting to become an "inspiration" board. No matter how small, just having a little corner to call "our own" for creating is all we need.

Ayumi said...

Happy birthday, Nico!!
I wanna see him someday...
As you say, I can't believe it's near the end of 2007!!