Tuesday, September 04, 2007

onward + danger boy

first off, though the stencil was good the so soft fabric paints weren't so good. so i can't show you the shirt. yet. but i did work on a special request yesterday. i have this little drawstring pouch i made so that i can carry my necessities on my wrist when i am with the kids. i get a lot of compliments and sometimes i get requests but usually i brush them off because i don't have the time and don't really think my stuff is up to par yet. but one teenaged barista caught me off guard and requested a little purse like mine except in blue and green, her favorite colors. blue and green, huh? i asked her if she preferred any shade or pattern, nope, just blue and green. well, i don't really have much green in my stash. or a lot of blue. so i made this...

i mean, it's okay, right? but personally, i would never wear it. too childish. so i will probably give this to a tween somewhere and make another one. or two. so she can chose. for some reason, i take it really seriously as if i were to flake on her it would result in her disillusionment with humankind. i don't even know her. i think her name was liz. but i will make her a decent little pouch so she can keep her faith.

making things is really difficult with the boys. all three of them (that's right, i'm including jason) require attention from me during the day and the sewing machine is too noisy to run at night. so sewing is a little tense. i am thinking of working on a mobile made from beaded dragonflies. something i can do quietly with my hands.
today i made this dress, the popular shirt-dress from built by wendy pattern 3835.

it is cute and simple so i might have to make some more. here pale nico is enjoying the ergo baby. which is good because he is too heavy to be in the sling for too long now. jason was off today so we took our usual walks, chasing lizards, skipping stones on the river.

it is good to have nico some place secure because he is such the danger boy (i'll have to make him a cape and a freezer paper stencil onesie to declare his true identity). let me present some evidence....

with pot lid

climbing the step ladder and jumping up and down happily when he gets to the top

he's a climber. my friend used to ask me if sebastian was a climber because her son was a true climber. i'd say, sure, i guess but let me just say now heather, no, sebastian was not a climber. nico is a climber. it doesn't help that he is walking already so he is building even more strength. so dangerous. i'll have grey hairs soon to share with you, i am sure. on the safer side, he is also really good at sticking out his tongue. which is, admittingly, so cute that it makes up for the scaring me (and jason and even sebastian) multiple times daily thing.
i'm going to be gone for a couple of days but i'll return with some new creations and maybe a picture of a new....
see you then.


Anonymous said...

danger danger danger! sounds like your wee-est one is a lot like mine. jerome wasn`t a climber, but eli...eli climbs everything. it does make for an interesting day, doesn`t it?!
oh! and the tongue thing. eli does that too.i call him the dribbler.

Melissa said...

wonderful banner at the top of your blog, t. something very calm about it. looks like you have a boy with an adventuring spirit- a fine thing. but tiring (for both of you), too.

amisha said...

hey cute mama in your new dress. lovely. and i love the story of your pouch for the barista, keeping her faith in humanity. you are so kind!
and such cute photos of nico :)