Monday, September 10, 2007

::looking forward to::

i am looking forward to so much::
::the start of the fall semester tomorrow. i have been reading up on teaching grammar as this semester i have my first grammar classes for the intermediate level students. i am a little nervous but glad to be starting something new. next week is the start of the evening community classes, something that i am really excited about this term. ::
::meeting with advisors at the university's college of education to discuss the possibility of getting a master's of education in elementary education.::
::expanding my garden beyond containers. i am on the waiting list for the neighborhood community garden plot.::

::this boy's birthday that falls on thanksgiving. we have decided to plan a mini-vacation for that holiday weekend, our first as a family ever. i am hoping for mild weather so we can head north for some mountain-side camping::

::fixing up our apartment some and getting the landlords to live up to their promises (i.e., replacing that dang cardboard patch on the kitchen ceiling)::
::volunteering as an esol tutor with the local library and elementary school::

::watching this::

::and this::

::cooler weather (cross your fingers) for knitting and soup making::
::eating a big bowl of the chili stewing on the stove on the porch in the cool twilight air::

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amisha said...

it is going to be a wonderful fall. such a good list of things to look forward to! hope the first day of school was fantastic today.