Wednesday, June 06, 2007

taking a break

so, the news. we have decided to put our efforts into getting back to japan as soon as reasonably possible. it is not just for the sake of being in japan, it is about giving our sons a better life that we can't afford for them here. health insurance, kind people, beautiful scenery, bilingualism. did i mention health insurance? i am in the somewhat frustrating process of gathering ducks and putting them in their rows. graduate school, jlpt, letters of reference, job possibilities. it can be a tad overwhelming. sometimes i just need to step away from writing cover letters and statements of purpose and head to the park.

more pictures from the morning can be found on my flickr account.
outside time is growing limited with the increasing heat, smoke, and humidity. sebastian needs a new hat and so do i. perhaps a modified sun hat from simple sewing can be accomplished before i have to head to work.
a good break indeed.
p.s. thank you for your crossed fingers. we need all the luck and good thoughts we can get.


melissa said...

it seems to me that you do need to work out a way to get to japan, because it is so obviously your 'heart-place'. i wish you all the best for your plans! i know it's not an easy thing to organise.
take care! xx

GreenishLady said...

I thought that might be the plan. Wishing you all the luck in the world, and a smooth path.

Anonymous said...

good luck! perhaps we`ll see you again over here soon......

Molly said...

Good luck!