Saturday, June 09, 2007

hot heads

it's summer, people. real hot, humid, sunny, thunderstormy summer. here are my hot heads to prove it:

you know it is hot when sebastian naps. i could use one myself but there is always Too Much To Do. i did enjoy cleaning the porch with nico in his chair while sebastian slept. two of our hanging plants had bit the dust and so i spent some time cutting away the skeletons and finding the salvagable roots. it is strange how the little victories of the day become so important to my general sanity. now if only i can get the dishes done my day will be complete.
hope everyone is well. happy weekend.


momo said...

Wow,looks like it is really really hot there. Is it like summer in Nara?

Both boys are growing so fast.

Hope you are having nice weekend.

.:soplador:. said...

hi, i read the vegan muffin recipe, i try to do this later, it's funny here is so cold now. good luck in japan, i hope some day we can go to visit japan

saludos desde Chile