Saturday, June 06, 2009

june (a)

good morning. i am sorry the posts here have been so spotty these last few months. we've been busy with work and school and life and haven't had much opportunity for reporting what's happening. that's natural, i think.

this last week we've been sick, nico and i especially. i took a few days off and had for the first time a substitute teacher who i could beg to go in for me: jason. i armed him with lesson plans and taught him the gestures to songs then went back to bed. usually with the lap top so i could work on a season of law and order.

nico was pretty sick and we went to the doctor which was actually the first time since he was an infant so i guess we are lucky. for a grand total of about 13 bucks we saw a lovely, English speaking doctor and got plenty of medication to knock the virus out of his system. he's on the mend now and it is good since we have to go into the city again. for those new visa stickers.

so, we are staying for a bit longer despite the drawbacks. it mainly has to do with the economy. we cannot in good conscious leave a decent position during a recession/depression. it would be foolish. many strange things have been coming out in the news and we have heard the concern of some caring grandparents, but really, compared to the news in america, everything is peaches and cream here.

i'm in a writing workshop. this last week i've been out of the saddle and owe quite a bit of writing and i am not sure when i can make it up. i can say that i don't like writing on short deadlines, that it stunts my creativity. i don't need acres of time but a week doesn't give me enough opportunity to think and write.
anyway, i am sure we'll be back soon with pictures from nagasaki and probably many hydrangea pictures since i'm sweet on them. sorry to be so infrequent but we're trying to get our act together and you will be seeing more of us soon.

take care.

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Trisha Thornquist said...

I followed you here from hipmama. I'm no longer registered there, but I was a part of the community a LOOONG time ago-when I lived in Japan in fact! I've read a few of your posts & I think we need to be friends! I'm right there with you on so many levels. My husband & I have taught ESL in a few different countries in Asia & returned to the states a few years ago so he could complete a Master's Degree in TEOSL at the University of Idaho. I think you should look up info on the the U of I. It's cheap, it's a small program, there are tons of international students, a lot of writers & writers' groups(there's also a MFA in creative writing program) & it's a great little town to raise a family. It's a pretty soft landing if you are coming home from overseas. I'm not blogging or hipmama-ing much anymore, but I do have a facebook-if you're on there you should look me up. Or email: mrst75(at) We can swap expat stories. At the very least check out U of I/the City of Moscow, Idaho. Good Luck! Even my worst experiences overseas were worth every minute of it!