Saturday, April 11, 2009

april (d)

on the way to his first day of kindergarten:: opening ceremony:: he played the drums in in ode to joy

waiting/playing while sebastian became an official kindergartener

easter check list:

-dye eggs: check
-make deviled eggs: check
-make chocolate eggs: in progress
-make potato salad:
-make carrot cake with "grass" and "easter eggs" on top:
-make bbq sauce:
-help prepare the way for a certain bunny to visit: check

in our house, we celebrate easter in a very secular but fun way. i honestly tried to figure out how to make baked beans but all we have here are azuki beans and soy beans. i did order this pattern but it hasn't arrived yet so the easter bunny had to modify her plans. i am making their easter candy by melting good chocolate and pouring it into egg shaped molds. i have little colored foils for wrapping them up. tomorrow morning if the weather is as gorgeous as today, we will trek up to the central park and bring the colored eggs with us. i know we will look a little odd, but so what? when have we ever not looked odd?
i hope you are all enjoying the weekend. take care.


Alice said...

Oh Wow - Sebastian is growing up so fast!!! as is Nico. I can't believe it. How did the bunny's visit go?
Love, Alice

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great time hunting for Easter eggs. Congratulations to Sebastian for making it to kindergarten!!! Just want to pick both of them up and give them huge hugs. We got the revised calendars btw...Peace, Auntie Lizzie