Tuesday, January 27, 2009

wish you were here

i went for a walk with you today
you were with me the whole time

we saw the crow with the rope
caught on its leg and tried to tell
him we could help if he would just
come down

then off the path you almost fell and
i grabbed your arm, just in time
then we walked on and found the pile of
rusted tractors and bedsprings, an
old safe unopened

i saw an abandoned barn but then you
saw the dogs waiting in front of it

a mother of my students stopped to ask
if we needed a ride, but we declined
preferring to walk together under
the rare blue sky, a warm winter's day

you told me i was lucky to live someplace
where daffodils grew wild and i agreed

later when i finished and you were there
waiting for me, the sky was not dark yet
and you said spring was on its way

more pictures here.

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