Sunday, October 26, 2008

This one's for you, America

Today we voted for change. We voted against a narrow definition of marriage. We voted for tax exemptions for those who install energy saving devices on their homes as well as giving a break to waterfront property owners who use their property for fishing or boating businesses instead of building condos. We voted against a congressman whom we have voted against before.
These past weeks have been full of conversations regarding our citizenry. What it means to be an expat. How much we hope and pray that our vote will join that of the majority and that this time, the majority will rule. This election means so much to people all over the world but I must think that it means the most to my generation, those of us who entered adulthood with Bush, 9/11, and the war. Those of us who grew up expecting a different America only to be shocked to discover that the principles of freedom and democracy had somehow escaped our grasp. It is up to us to reclaim our country, to revive those sacred principles, with liberty and justice for all.

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