Sunday, April 29, 2007

today is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s....

so, little sweet baby nico is growing. fast. at 5 months now he wears 9-12 month old clothes. he's on the go, not exactly crawling but so, so close and in fact this pulling/pushing/pivoting thing he is doing now is probably more efficient than actual crawling. he can get up in the correct position on his hands and knees and even coordinate himself to move a few paces but at this point he feels dragging himself everywhere works faster. and where is this baby off to in such a hurry, you ask? oh, why to any electric cord that is plugged into an outlet of course. if not that he is very good at finding those little lost pieces of paper and tasting them throughly before someone has to fish them out of his gooey mouth. and why oh why is his mouth so juicy these days? because we have teeth, people, teeth. not one but two have popped through in this past week. can you see those little white pearls in this blur of a picture?

and of course he has to balance this frenzied activity with a bit of yoga. the plank pose:

between him and his brother, i am stretched thin. thankfully, i have chocolate and coffee on hand. we are going to be super busy soon. two jobs, two kids, one borrowed mini-van. at least one of us will be working everyday of the week this summer and somedays both of us work with just a moment in between to relay the kid-watching responsibilities. i'm really excited and nervous about my new position that officially starts monday. and of course besides for the parenting and part-time teaching, i've got to buckle down and study for the jlpt 3 that takes places at the start of december. and jason is taking the test too because that is part of the deal. you see, he's planning on taking a trip to japan in feb. 2008 with some friends and i said i wouldn't voice my jealousy as long as he takes the exam. so he's motivated. i'm motivated by the grad programs with applications due at the beginning of 2008.

and then there are my art+craft pursuits....

i am super happy that jason has basically settled on getting a bfa in printmaking. i am utterly selfish in this happiness but it means that i will have access to knowledge and resources that i intend to use in my textile design self-education. the postcard project is my way of practicing printmaking and keeping in touch with friends near and far. win-win. again, if you wish to be added to my mailing list, just send me your address via email (there's a link in my profile). i'm already prepping for postcard #3 so just let me know.
i will be updating papermoon this week. i am working on baby gift sets for a few akachans this weekend then i'll start on the mother day presents. with all these things going on, i'll probably be slowing down on blogging but i will aim for one post a week with maybe a few pictures in between. okay, i hope all is well with everyone. take care. xo

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amisha said...

sounds like a whirlwind over there... but a good whirlwind, with sweet nico and family time and art + craft... love that photo of him in plank pose! :) so excited to see your printmaking experiments too. xo